Why Sequel

Welcome to Sequel :100:

Building unique video experiences is becoming more and more important, however, imagine having to build a video experience like Zoom - that takes years to design, develop and manage. You could use other API providers like Agora or Vonage but you still need a team of video engineers that understand real-time-communication, large-scale deployments and they need to build the whole experience from scratch including the mute button, screen sharing, networking, live streaming to social, etc :confused: that is difficult and expensive

This is where we come in. Our APIs provide the right abstractions so your engineering team does not need to start from scratch and get to market in one month (the average time it took our OEM customers).

Our pre-built components allow you to get started in 5 minutes and come with incredible features that can be completely customized for your platform. We split them in two components that can cover any possible use case, Virtual Stage for webinar+ experiences and Networking Hub for attendee interaction and connection building.


And here is a list of top features loved by our developers:

  • Full customization for each component
  • Fully managed video architecture with low latency around the world
  • Compatible with all web browsers with no loss of quality
  • Up to 2 million concurrent users on the virtual stage
  • Control center for queuing presenters, switching between views, lower thirds and attendee promotion
  • HD quality by default for all presenters.
  • Chat+ component with attendee/presenter chat, private chat, polls, q&a
  • Networking hub with unlimited circles and up to 100 participants in a circle (<50ms latency)
  • Support for sharing video content (Youtube, Vimeo and any local files)
  • Support for live streaming to any custom RTMP or social platform
  • Support for virtual backgrounds
  • Advanced analytics with custom reports, minute by minute tracking and user engagement

Sounds too good? Let's get started :rocket: