New Attendee Pre-registration Event


This document describes the scope and payload for the subscriber of the new attendee pre-registration event through web hooks.


The event is subscribed at the company or event level. The subscription includes all events owned by the company and its child companies or the specific event. The event is invoked when the an attendee registers for an event which is configured with pre-registration.




A HTTP post request is made to the endpoint registered as the web hook for the virtual stage event ended event with the following payload in its body:

  "eventType": "new-attendee-pre-registration",
  "webHookInvocationId": "unique web hook invocation id",
  "correlationId": "unique id for this attendee pre-registration event"
  "timestamp": "2022-01-07T10:05:24.000Z", 
  "details": {   
     "companyId": "Unique id of the company owning the event",
     "companyName": "Name of the company",
     "eventId": "Unique id of the virtual stage event",
     "eventName": "Name of the event",
     "attendee": {          
       "name": "name of the attendee",
       "email": "email of the attendee",
       "registrationInfo": [ 
          "question": "Question  #1",
          "response": "Response #1",
          "question": "Question #n",
          "response": "Response #n",


The following headers will be included in the headers for the request

Header KeyValueDescription
x-introvoke-web-hook-authAuthentication keyThe key to validate the authenticity of request
user-agentintrovoke-web-hookStatic value
content-typeapplication/jsonStatic value


The expected responses from the web hook end point is as follows:

HTTP Response CodeDescription
200The message was accepted and request was successful
400The message was malformed. (Do not retry)
401The authentication failed and message could not be processed (Do not retry)
404The endpoint does not exist (Do no retry)
429Request quota was exceeded. Retry after sometime
500Internal server error. Retry after sometime