Using networking circles as meeting links

While Sequel is built to run external webinars and run events, you can also use the networking hub circles to run your meetings!


With a special character string you can redirect users to a specific circle on load so they join the meeting. You can use this url as a standalone or embed the iframe inside your application.

How it works

  1. Create a networking hub with at least one circle -
  2. Fetch the created networking hub to retrieve the circle ids -
    1. Look under networkingHubRooms for the circle you wish to automatically join and save the id
  3. Fetch the embed code to join the networking hub
  4. If you want a user to automatically join a circle, simply append the following string after the networking hub id /room/{CIRCLE_ID_FROM_STEP_2}?authkey={AUTH_KEY}
  5. The full string should be like this{NETWORKING_HUB_ID}/room/{CIRCLE_ID_FROM_STEP_2}?authKey={AUTH_KEY}